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Mistress Anna – All Inclusive

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Mistress Anna – All Inclusive

I am on vacation and there is all inclusive service. In my opinion, this means that there is a slave who will lick my pussy until I cum, will lick my asshole until is clean and will take my piss and shit! This I call 5 stars service… all inclusive!

Mistress Anna – Eat Shit Dog

She handed the plate to me and said, “I need to take a shit,
and I want all of it on this plate. Do you understand?” she asked.
I lowered my head and nodded obediently.
“Are you ready Toilet?” she asked.

“YYY… Yes Mistress,” I replied.

I held the plate beneath her, watching her anus open up as she
let out a sigh of relief and delivered a fat, 8 inch long, hard,
chunky slab of her warm “fudge” onto the plate I was holding. After a
few seconds she told me to put the plate down.
Then she raised up a bit and said, “Pull my cheeks apart and
lick my asshole clean.” I struggled against my wrist restraints to
gently separate her cheeks so I could lick her butthole clean.
“When you
have the honor and privilege of using your tongue as a woman’s wipe
you had better learn to dive it deep into her and lick and suck her
hole completely clean before you kiss her cheeks clean.”

“Hold that plate in your hands,” she ordered. I struggled to
lean over and pick it up without further hesitation, my hands tethered
only a foot from my chin. “NOW EAT IT!” she exclaimed! I trembled at
the thought.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH,” she ordered as she nudged my head forward
with her crop, pushing my agape lips right to the surface of her
delicacy on the plate.

“TAKE A BIG BITE,” she directed.

My tongue slipped between it and the plate, lifting it up and
guiding it past my lips and into my mouth until I possessed a mouthful
and could take no more. Then I bit through the chunky slab and closed
my lips. She then used the crop under my chin to push my head back,
and then around, so that I was looking up at all the women there as
she said, “Chew with your mouth closed and don’t stop until I tell you
to!” I dutifully obeyed, chewing her chunky present into a soft mush
for what must have been five minutes.

Then she stood in front of me, playing with the shocker she
had so earnestly tortured me with, and gave her harshest order yet.

How I wake up on friday

Tolstoy said that an established routine is essential to getting work done, and I am very “productive”. A slave that performs its functions automatically, without verbal instructions is a great productivity tool.

So, every Friday morning, I am awakened by the sensation of my slave’s tongue worshiping my pussy. His moans of longing are the first thing I hear. Once I am awake, it wordlessly lays on its back and opens its face hole, lying motionless to accept whatever waste products I might need to dispose of in its body. It is just a thing, no more part of the human world than a porcelain toilet. Without being told, it massages my asshole with its tongue, loosening the tight muscles to facilitate more efficient shit delivery. It actively positions its “mouth” to suck in my shit continuously and seamlessly. Almost a shit vacuum.

I recommend other Mistresses look at their slaves not just as source of sadistic amusement, but as an “smart”—or at least trainable—appliance. Not only does it boost your productivity, it crushes your slave’s self-esteem, teaching him that he is no more part of the human world, but a toilet.

Disgusting Shit and Piss Together

One of my best videos…I am having trouble with my stomach. Fortunately, I have a personal toilet to help. Because of my illness, my shit is very watery, almost diarrhea, and is mixed with my precious piss. It is hard for him to consume but I give him no choice and make sure that he licks my beautiful asshole the whole time that i am shitting on his tongue. My health comes first!

Included are bonus videos at the end ? Enjoy and EAT MY SHIT! Maybe next time you will have the honour of being my TOILET!

Mistress Anna – All Inclusive

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