» » My friend and shit and piss in white socks with ModelNatalya94

My friend and shit and piss in white socks with ModelNatalya94

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Olga and I decided to make you a show in white socks and in shoes with long heels. First video we show you my white ankle socks and favorite shoes. And after that, I suggest Olga to fill with piss and shit your white socks. Olga removes her socks and gives them to me and I bring her toes to her ass, and Olga starts to shit and piss in your socks, first one and then the second sock. Full of piss and shit your socks Olga puts them on their feet and legs now Olga’s in the shit. Olga was wearing socks on my feet and put my shoes and beginning to show you her socks change color. Now it was my turn, I took off my socks and got cancer. Olga picked up my socks and held my ass, and I began to fill with shit and piss my socks. Now my socks are full of shit and urine, I wear my socks on my feet and demonstriruyut you like in my footsteps smeared the shit I put my feet into the shoes and begin to show you how my toes change color. I walk around the room in shoes and socks which are filled with shit and urine.

My friend and shit and piss in white socks with ModelNatalya94

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