» » Sniff my farting and eat my shit! with ModelNatalya94 | Full HD 1080p | Nov 16, 2019

Sniff my farting and eat my shit! with ModelNatalya94 | Full HD 1080p | Nov 16, 2019

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Sniff my farting and eat my shit! Quite often I have to serve Mistress in the morning when she wakes up, therefore this time, Christina left me to spend the night in her apartment. At night, I slept on the floor near her bed to serve her as a toilet when she needs it. In other words, I played the role of a night pot. When Mistress woke up, first of all she needed a massage, so I massaged her back for several minutes. I very rarely touch the body of Mistress, but this time much was allowed to me. Touching the beautiful body of the girl acted excitingly on me. During the massage, Christina suddenly wanted to fart, so I was obliged to bring my nose closer to her ass and breathe in her outgoing gases, which have a strong smell. Christina’s farting told me that the girl will need a toilet in the near future. And it really turned out to be so. Christina filled my mouth with her shit, after which I was allowed to wipe her ass with a toilet paper. I washed down the swallowed shit with Christina’s urine from a glass and thanked Mistress for she had fed me. Mistress went to cook breakfast for herself, and I stayed in the bedroom with the taste of female poops and urine in my mouth.

Sniff my farting and eat my shit! with ModelNatalya94 | Full HD 1080p | Nov 16, 2019

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