» » Ass Winking HUGE poop with jujupixie

Ass Winking HUGE poop with jujupixie

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I am in doggy style with cheeks spread – I do some clean ass winking and then I start pooping – camera is close up on my asshole while I am pooping. I ass wink out the first few nuggets which to me is SO fun to watch it poke out a little more every time. Then come the much longer regular logs and I poop A LOT – the pics in the gifs are not the same 1 log coming out it’s a progression of the several. I push them out at a nice leisurely pace hehe. Even after all that I think I am done and show off the load size up close but I’m not done! So I turn back around and wink out what I like to call my ‘bonus’ log hehe. This is all followed by dirty ass winking and finally wiping.

Ass Winking HUGE poop with jujupixie

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