» » Shit O’ The Day – Slow and Steady with jujupixie

Shit O’ The Day – Slow and Steady with jujupixie

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Made brand new and fresh today! I gotta take a stinky poop so I sit on the toilet and start pushing it out. During my ‘slow and steady’ poop I talk about what I ate the day before, some of my pooping preferences etc. Of course you also get long looks at my cute little pooping faces hehe. Once I’ve got it all out I show each wiping up close and am sure not to put them in the toilet so that they don’t block the finale of me showing you my completed shit. It’s a pretty nice and big load! I get up nice and close so you can take a long gander at my poop. I also put my freshly pooped ass in your face afterwards and tell you to get it super clean with your tongue.

Shit O’ The Day – Slow and Steady with jujupixie

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