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7 Days 7 Shits with SexyFlatulence

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I filmed my shits for an entire week! And I experimented with smearing for the first time on Day 6!
Day 1: I drop a big load in my satin pants-and I literally mean drop- my big ball of poo rolls down inside my pant leg and comes out at the bottom lol! I show you how messy my legs and inside of my pants got from pooping in my pants.
Day 2 + 3- Shitting into vacuum sealed bags. This is how I make those delicious poos for my customers
Day 4 - My big ass hangs over a cushion I fart and then let a medium-sized corn filled poo out
Day 5 - I pile it high with a fatty long shit onto my bathroom floor
Day 6 - I’m on top of my bathroom counter with a nice POV view from below. This poo left quite a mess on my ass so I figured why not just smear it a little across my ass cheek? It was fun
Day 7 - I just woke up and first thing I needed to do was poo. My poo is full of corn! Super long shits collect into a heaping pile on my bathroom floor.

7 Days 7 Shits with SexyFlatulence

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