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Our Dirty Little Secret with LoveRachelle2

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I’m in a hotel room all gussied up and ready for my sexy date to arrive, but he’s vanilla and doesn’t know my favorite flavor is actually chocolate… but you know and I know. So why don’t I have a little fun before my date arrives? I bend over the bed and poop out my butt plug…it’s a little dirty, so I lick it up then head to the bathroom to take a shit in my hand and pee a little, pulling a turd out of my hole just as it’s coming out, Then I smear my poop while watching my reflection off-screen (I like to watch myself, hee) as I give myself a lovely shit-bikini and suck off my delicious turd like a cock, telling you how it tastes <3 Then I spit my shit saliva onto the floor let you know with a smile that it's time for me to clean up before my date comes… Afterall, we don't want him in our little secret, do we?

Our Dirty Little Secret with LoveRachelle2

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