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Dirty French Maid Double Play with CosmicGirl

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In this extra special value compilation you will get 2 clips for the price of one when you buy! Included in this compilation are both of my Dirty French Maid clips 2 of my best selling clips ever! See below for clip descriptions:

1. Bad Girl! French Maid Panty Poop!
In this clip I am a very dirty minded french maid who wants you to watch as I pee through my panties and into a jar…then I fill my sheer white panties with a huge load of steaming hot creamy turds. After removing my panties I still have more poo so I squat down in front of the camera to go some more on the laundry room floor. I am such a terrible maid!

2. French Maid -First Time Ever Eating Poop
Watch me eat and swallow my own shit for the very first time ever!
I haven’t shit in 4 days and feel constipate so i put a suppository in my ass.
I am dressed in a french maid costume, and I clean and role play for a bit… hoping that moving around will get my bowels moving too!
I sit on the coffee table play with myself for a bit, until i finally feel the urge to shit!
I get out a plate and a fork and shit onto the plate. and OMG what a huge shit i just took!
I sit down and with a fork and I eat a bite of my fresh shit and then swallow it!
12 minute long clip! 2 camera angles!

Dirty French Maid Double Play with CosmicGirl

2019 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920x1080 | 00:18:57 | 1,42 GB


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