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First time – toilet slave girl. Collection

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Good afternoon my dear fans. I present to You a collection of three films with my new slave girl. She’s learning, trying, and wants to be my living toilet. She frowns, chokes, but still eats shit.
1.Scat casting
A new girl begs to be my slave. I gave her a task to shit and eat her shit. She does it for the first time, she’s disgusted, but she’ll eat for me. To become my slave, she’ll have to do more than that. This is only the beginning!
2.scat casting continues
Casting for the place of the slave continues. Persistent and persistent, eating shit to earn my favor. This time she made a mess of shit. I have always said, the desire and excitement can work wonders. Do not be afraid of your desires, it is on the right track, she will be toilet girl.
3.Making toilet slave girl – first time
The formation of a slave, first steps, first humiliation, the first slap in the face… Unbroken pride, irritation and anger, drink urine, swallow, suck cock. You said “Other people’s shit tastes better”, you’re under the ass, open your mouth. Toilet science is difficult, you will pass all stages and become a toilet bowl!

First time – toilet slave girl. Collection

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