» » Naked Strong Stream Peeing In Doggy Desperatio - Giant Poo In Satin Thong, Intense Orgasm, Desperation

Naked Strong Stream Peeing In Doggy Desperatio - Giant Poo In Satin Thong, Intense Orgasm, Desperation

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I had lots of water and fluids before filmed. I’ve held my pee as long as I can. Wear my short black dress and satin thong under it. I tell you how much I have to pee and you able to see me desperation so much. I turn around myself in dress, posing a bit but desperately have to pee. With one hand I just take off my clothes, in hand hand hold the camera, more harder strip off on this way actually particularly when you have to pee. So then I got naked and turn around myself few times, show my swollen full bladder, you get some close ups from pussy and butt. Then I tell you cannot wait longer so I down on my knee in doggy and with really strong stream peeing all over on my feet and floor. Pee hit the floor and makes everything wet around me. When I finish pee tell you feel more better now and finally show off the big puddle on the floor and around me feet. Have fun

I didn’t poo in the last 2 days, but in this morning felt I’ll release sort of giant, stinky shit. And I was right. Desperation to poo but I try to hold it longer. When I started to record desperately have to poo, actually my asshole was open and could see the little piece of shit is watching out. I’m on my back and wear green satin thong. So go on, I don’t release my shit despite of seriously have to instead I take my Hitachi Magic Wand and make myself orgasm pretty quick. Hear me moaning a lot because this magic toy able to make me cum within a 1-2 minute or less. It’s time to shit legs up a bit and in close up view pushing out big and compact load. Massive giant shit what’s stinky as well. I push out as much as I can and also soak satin thong in pee. Then I take my Hitachi one more time, spread my legs and giving intense orgasm to myself one more time. Front of me you able to see yummy giant poo. Finally I hold up by hand this big big poo and I realize how great texture it has. Perfect to smear, I think looks like melted milk chocolate. I like this poo!

Naked Strong Stream Peeing In Doggy Desperatio - Giant Poo In Satin Thong, Intense Orgasm, Desperation

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