» » Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking

Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking

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Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking

Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking. In the morning, Alina really wanted to shit and for a long time suffered and farted. We spent a long time looking for a deserted place, but Alina strongly wanted to shit and had to record this video right in the field. Alina filled her lacy panties with smelly morning shit and decided to take a walk!

Alina pooping on a terrible abandoned farm

Alina pooping on a terrible abandoned farm. Alina pooping on an abandoned barn in which for many years no one was there. Alina was very scared – everywhere there were footsteps and voices, but there was not a single living soul there

Alina diarrhea and fart in the water

Alina diarrhea and fart in the water. After eating a lot of grapes, Alina suffered a severe diarrhea with fart.

Delicious food for Alina’s toilet slave

Delicious food for Alina’s toilet slave. Yesterday Alina ate a lot of delicious food at the birthday of her friend. Alina said that she ate: delicious cheese salads, sandwiches with caviar, a baked duck and many other snacks sipping it with juices and wine. As a result, due to the mixing of various dishes, Alina’s stomach struggled to digest such food and Alina wanted very much to shit in the morning. The meeting with the slave was scheduled for lunch, until that moment Alina was suffering and farting. When the slave arrived, Alina gladly threw out a bunch of smelly shit in his mouth, and the slave ate it with great pleasure – for him it was a delicacy! Along with the shit from the anus of Alina comes an incomprehensible mucus

Alina walks on the street with shit in her panties

Alina walks on the street with shit in her panties. For the sake of this moment, Alina did not go to the toilet in the morning and suffered all day. Yesterday she ate shish kebabs and now her bowel is full of crap, which wants to go outside. Filling panties with shit Alina walks – as usual. She dropped her dress and no one would know that there was a huge piece of smelly shit in her panties, only a stink from her ass!

Alina pooping in panties in nature and walking

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