» » Naughty Girl Playing With Period Blood/Taste/Lick with MissAnja | Full HD 1080p | Dec 01, 2019

Naughty Girl Playing With Period Blood/Taste/Lick with MissAnja | Full HD 1080p | Dec 01, 2019

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Do you know which day is today? Well today is the first day of my period. Hurray. We both were waiting for this special day to being kinky and naughty. I describe how I feel myself and how felt before few days in PMS days. My tummy bloated and have menstrual cramps also my tits were puffy. But I love being on my period because I feel myself more sexy. And do you know what else I love. When you worship me on these days. I need some take care by your part and kindness. I please you to smell my bloody pad and be nice and worship my period body. I have a little surprise and this thing new to me, because in my pussy I inserted before I started to record a menstrual cup to collect some of my fresh blood. I take it out a bit hardly but got it then collected only a little bit of during half an hour or so. How bad you wanna taste my pussy this time? I finger slightly myself and encourage you to lick me and I lick off some fresh blood from my finger. I have to pee so I filling up 2 glass and then adding 1 drop of my blood into and taste it. I swallow few times my warm pee. It’s like a tea. I grab my fave glass plug and insert it close to you and rubbing on pussy also make it dirty with blood and encourage you to lick clean. I want not only to worship me taste me and my fluids. Before butt plug make me shit I dripping the blood from the cup to my tongue and coloring it for red, then repeat it and it’s all gone from. How bad you want copy me and taste it? I turned to kinky , did I? Then let’s play a little bit more this this glass toy and release some nasty poo. Before you going to cum I tease you with playing around with poo covered toy in my ass and telling you to cum for me because you deserve it. This video it’s a kinky and naughty period play fun. Enjoy it

Naughty Girl Playing With Period Blood/Taste/Lick with MissAnja | Full HD 1080p | Dec 01, 2019

2019 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920x1080 | 00:22:29 | 1,52 GB

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