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Seven Shits So Special I Named Them with goddesslucy

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I made this video to be about the action of turds stretching and popping out and snaking out of my asshole. Watch me poo for 5+ minutes. Only a few 2 second shots of 4 of the piles in the toilet and 1 of toilet paper included, the video shows some piles but does not focus on that. This video is about the motion of shit out of my asshole. This was urgent, in the moment, spontaneous video, but I captured steady closeups of my shitting asshole. So close, you can almost smell it.

These shit piles are so special I named each one as if they were a menu item. A 1 second title is in the video for each one.

First dump is Thick Fat Smoothie with Crumbly Nuggets on Top (not as wet as a smoothie as in the drink, just using smooth to describe the texture of part of it)— this one is a must see beginning with a fat lumpy cluster of dark, fragrant, sticky little poop balls (because I ate mozzarella sticks lol) falling apart as they emerge from my massively expanded asshole, blending into a thick, smooth, tan almost foamy looking but still solid, long poop-snake. This bathroom visit is a combo of the 2, 3, and 4 on the Bristol Stool Scale / Bristol Stool Chart.

Second is Fast Juicy Plops. Satisfyingly smooth as each long turd slides out of my ass. Relatively firm, dark, poops that pop out of my ass, and a thin little poop squeezing out at the end. Bristol scale: Mostly 4, some 3 qualities.

Third poop is Slow Sticky Chocolates with Yellow Bits. I believe those yellow things are corn. I had eaten tacos with corn. Bristol: 4-3

Fourth is Thick Yellowish Paste. This sweet smelling ass-load is soft but difficult to squeeze out, you can hear me grunt in a whisper as I forcefully squish it out. Bristol: 4.

Fifth is Flamin’ Hot Battering Ram. I could NOT hold this one back! Beginning with a hard, fat ball of dry sticky turds that stretches my ass wide, this thick, long dump blends in color as it slithers out of me, revealing the red of the “Xxtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.” You will love the wet noises this poop makes in my ass. You can see the red poop pile in the toilet. Bristol: 2, 3 and 4.

Sixth poop is named Sticky Juicy Curved Rods. I remember the strong, complex, mysterious aroma of this shit that was held in for a day before finally releasing these long hard curving shit-rods while standing up. You need to hear the sound of these sticky dark shits as they make their way out of my anus. Bristol: 3 .

The seventh shit is the Knobby Chain. This firm but bumpy collection of turds had a dark classic poop scent and sticky noises as it wound its way out of my hole. Bristol: Mostly 3.

Buy this if you just wanna see a variety of juicy shit slide out of this asshole. See these shining, satisfying shits. Hear the sounds. Indulge in this intimate experience.

Seven Shits So Special I Named Them with goddesslucy

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