» » Beginner Toilet Slavery with evamarie88

Beginner Toilet Slavery with evamarie88

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Youve always wanted to taste my shit… well now you can.
I want you to start your journey into being my toilet slave….
Ive been cooking you a treat up inside me and i want you to watch as i bend over and push the load right out…

I show you it mizture of hard logs and soft.

I want you smearing your cock with the soft shit and holding a small piece of my shit inside your mouth while you stroke…..
Feel my shit melt inside your mouth, stroke harder now i want you to swallow as you cum hard…

Every day i want you to do this but adding more shit each time till the whole load is gone.

If you do it… You will become Evas Toilet Slave

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Beginner Toilet Slavery with evamarie88

2020 | MP4 | Full HD | 1920x1080 | 00:14:48 | 672 MB

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