» » Pooping and Prolapsing my Dirty Colon with LindzyPoopgirl

Pooping and Prolapsing my Dirty Colon with LindzyPoopgirl

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Description: I can’t hold this in much longer. I won’t make you suffer with my teasing anymore, it has been days – countless meals, snacking, and farting. My belly has been growing bigger and bigger, and I have a huge stock pile of shit waiting for you, deep in my asshole.

I bend over the kitchen table, and strip off my underwear. My asshole is already bulging out. When I spread my butt cheeks apart, my asshole is gaping wide open and noticeably filled with shit. I just have to tease you a little while longer before I give you your present, so, I bend back over the table. I continue to play with my butt, spreading my cheeks and pushing my asshole in and out, in and out until shit is poking out of it. I start groundhogging the first big turd in your face. You don’t know when all of my shit will just start pouring out of me. I have been holding in logs for so long, they turn into giant clumps of shit that stretches me as I push.

My asshole prolapses a bit as I struggle to push out – what I think – is the last of my massive shit. I grab a pen and stick it into my asshole… I clench my asshole tight around the pen and hold it inside me a moment, before I swirl it around in my dirty asshole and take it out for you to see ?

But wait, there is more poop coming out!!! It is dense and long thick turds are coming out of me… I struggle to get the last of my shit completely out of my asshole.

I wipe my dirty, stretched out butt hole a single time and show you the toilet paper, right in your face… I then tease you with my dirty rosebud, pushing it as far out as I can making you CUM with overwhelming excitement!

Pooping and Prolapsing my Dirty Colon with LindzyPoopgirl

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